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Well that’s what two fellow bloggers think about me.

I don’t know what Archana of http://ravenousforlife.wordpress.com/  had in mind when she thought of me as ‘Inspiring’ but I hereby very humbly accept “The Inspiring Blogger” award. Thanks Archana.  This girl writes awesome poetry and some really heartening posts. You need to check her out.

And the second award “One Lovely Blog” has been bestowed on me by Scribby of http://thisandthatmomentsoflife.wordpress.com/ .  Though I have started reading her blog just a month back, but this girl writes with a deep strength in her words. I like the prowess and the confidence her writing oozes.

So as per the rules, I have to say 7 things about me and then pass on the award.

Here you go:

  1. I read a lot – fiction, non-fiction, magazines, my son’s story books, yellow pages, mails.
  2. I like trying out new cuisines. The only thing I am vary about are crabs and all the things that crawl.
  3. I like going for long walks all by myself.
  4. I keep bumping into one thing or the other (I guess you know this already :))
  5. I love experimenting in my kitchen and sometimes cook disasters.
  6. I sketch at times to refresh my mind.
  7. I love movies. No particular genre, no particular actor. Give me anything that has interesting storyline and I will be glued.

Here are the bloggers who I am nominating for both the awards because I find them Inspiring. And that’s why they are lovely too.








Have Fun Blogging World Wallas :)