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I see the dawn break from the huge glass door as my eyes struggle to open and leave behind the dreams that danced in them the previous night. The chirping, the barking of a neighbor’s dog form the perfect background score. The running water in someone’s house adds to the effect. The alarm is yet to ring and tell me how it is now time to head into a new day. I lay in my bed to enjoy that warmth created by the sheet and the bodies, reeling in my mind what tasks to take on today, what chores to finish, what deadlines to meet.

I breathe in, soaking the silence before the whole house wakes up and starts humming. I go to my terrace to take the morning sunshine, the rays trying to reach the deepest corners, liberating the pores, the chirping continues. I see a car passing by, someone already taking a step ahead towards the mission of life. An old couple taking a walk, holding hands, sharing silence. A zealous man jogging in the garden, the light wind creating ripples in the pool. The rays of sun playing on the ripples as if someone has thrown gold dust all over. Few leaves join in the celebration of life too. The leaves that have fallen from a lone tree, the huge branches, now naked, shedding its inhibitions as the summer sun grows strong with every passing minute. The branches revealing the cycle of life when among the brown, lifeless foliage, you spot a green sapling making its way. I smile with the trust that the tree will be green again, the shade enormous, home to life.

A cooker’s whistle breaks the morning hymn. The world is waking up.

As I turn around to wake mine, they lay in the sweet slumber in perfect unison. The hands, the legs, the heads perfectly synchronized as if dancing to the same tune. Why not, father and son they are. So the gene pool does play a role. The shape of hands, the way they put them on the bed even in sleep, the way their heads are tilted, must have been twins in the previous birth.

The alarm senses the deep thought and rings sharply to announce, wake up. The bodies move, the eyes flutter, and the day starts taking baby steps in my house.